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Full Service Video Production

VIP takes your ideas from inception to completion.  We work closely with you, your needs and your concepts.  We combine this with our skills and creativity.  Brain storming, writing, directing talent and crew, on-location video shooting, narrating, video editing, music library, stock footage, DVD authoring, duplicating and packaging, and uploading to the internet are just some of what VIP does to make your video presentation happen.



A great video starts with great footage.  With HD Digital Camcorders, Lights, Microphones and years of experience, VIP Video goes on-location to gather quality images and sound.  Our setups are adaptable to your needs, big or small, single or multi-camera. We have experience with live talent, interviews, product shots, action footage, scenery, corporate events and seminars.

Production Tools

Green Screen

We can bring our large green screen to your location.  This can make a person  appear to be in the mountains, on the beach, on a street corner, outer space, or in front of graphics and a logo.  Its virtually unlimited.


VIP has an over-the-lens teleprompter.  This means that you can read your script while looking directly into the camera, not to the side, above or below.  This keeps you engaged with the viewer and avoids awkwardness other systems can create.   

Post Production (Video Editing)

Mastery of Final Cut Studio is only part of what makes VIP’s non-linear editing right for you.  Experience and care are combined with a good eye and ear, a sense of timing and balance, along with an understanding and care for your subject.  This will lead to a captivating video.  Editing with intriguing Graphics, Titles, Special Effects, Music, Narration, Color Correcting & Grading, and Audio Filtering & Enhancement, brings even basic video footage to life.

Post Production Tools

Music Library

VIP Video has a large and varied library of music ready for you on demand.  Your project may need, heart pounding, invigorating tracks or it may need serene or heart stirring melodies.  This excellent royalty-free library includes every style you can imagine producing the feelings you want. 

Stock Video Footage

VIP has a library of over 1700 royalty free video clips.  These videos contain shots of people at work & play, dramatic scenics, explosions, cars, food, animals, weather, backgrounds and so much more.  These images can enhance and transform your video.  They can even be your primary visuals. 


VIP can use in-house talent, or we can bring out the best from professional narrators.  We also make even amateurs sound great through our personalized direction.

DVD Custom Authoring

VIP can customized menu functions to take on unlimited looks and chapter navigations or make basic autoplay DVDs.


VIP produces premium quality copies of their DVDs and CDs with glossy full color photo quality printing directly on the disc face.  Duplication is done with quick turnaround and competitive pricing.  VIP can also replicate on custom Flash Drives.

Video File Conversion & Upload

In the complex video world of computers, multi media and the internet, we convert your video from and to various file formats including, Flash, MPEG, MP4, QuickTime and many other stream and download files.  VIP can also upload to Vimeo, YouTube and other web applications.

Please call VIP with any questions you have at 303-758-4988