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Video for Family & Friends

Friends and family are filled with laughter, tears and joy as memories take on a cinematic perspective. These family videos, photo montages or film transfers make perfects gifts and are the center point of many birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and family reunions. VIP Video excels in creativity and care because this is the most important and meaningful type of presentation you may ever make.

Every project is customized, following your direction, to bring out the depth and importance of your memories. VIP has the right equipment and expertise at our Denver, Colorado facility to make your project come together smoothly. 

Services we provide consumers include:

  • Videography - on-location, interviews, live event, misc.
  • HD Video Editing - simple to sophisticated
  • Photo Montage - movement and special effects available
  • Movie Film Transfer - 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm
  • Transfer VHS and other video Formats to DVD and Video Files


Photo Montage (Photo Transfer)

VIP's Photo Montages make the most of your photographs, slides and digital photos with subtle dissolves and fades and eye catching special effects. With our  process images can remain still or dynamic, zooming in or out, or moving from side to side.  Because it is custom, the effect are never cheesy random and overbearing.  Rather, VIP keeps it artful, editing to the rhythm of music and narration, letting your family photos tell a story that comes to life.
Home Video Editing

Editing of Home Videos can eliminate hours of exhaustive footage leaving the most exciting, fun and meaningful moments for everyone to enjoy.  Personalize your footage by adding music, titles, special effects and narration to your project or keep it simple. Your memories are the focus.

Have some old footage you want to use from a camera long since discontinued? No problem. VIP can source from all consumer camcorder formats as well as movie film and photos.

Family & Personal History Video

Family History Video is a documentary that will enrich your family history for generations to come. It is a more in depth form of a photo transfer and/or home video edit combined with actual interviews of friends and family members. The interviews can be done by you or you may chose to have VIP use their expertise to optimize the interview. Whether the family history is of personal accounts from the last century or just last week, it's your story to tell.
Movie Film Transfer

Movie Film Transfer of old 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm films brings out the treasures usually hidden in closets and basements!  VIP's expertise and tele-cine system accurately represents the original films creating focused, color corrected, flicker-free images the likes of which is hard to come by.  Also, unlike most providers of film transfers, our work is done on-site. Your films never leave our facility as we transfer to DVD or Hard Drive.
Sports Scholarship Videos
Coaches review stacks of videos, they take notice of clear and concise video highlights. VIP’s professional and experienced editing service is a wise investment toward when applying for a scholarship.  Clients continually praise the results.

Demo Reel, Audition, Resume, Application, Sales Demonstration Video

Video taping your live performance, or using previously recorded material, you will look your best when VIP Video edits and creates DVDs that show your work.


Please call VIP with any questions you have at 303-758-4988